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December 17

The Nidhi Kapoor Story

Nidhi Kapoor is a very successful, second-generation film star. She is the daughter of the great Nishant Kapoor, who came out of nowhere to become the first real superstar in the 80s.

December 16

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence

This Young Adult fiction deals with so many things that teenagers deal with today right from peer pressure to bullying and a sense of not fitting in. The story revolves around Maura, your average teenage girl who initially is at the receiving end of all the bullying the "popular kids" throw her way. At the same time she finds out that her body is undergoing some changes that she cannot understand. As the reader we are made aware of what is going on but Maura does not know and the author keeps it that way till the end laying a wonderful path for the next book.

December 16

The Summer Sacrifice

The story follows Jamie Tuff as she discovers the truth behind the happenings at the island as well as discovers the truth of her powers. Jamie and her friends set out to save the souls that have been taken. The story is well written and has a simple plot that will keep the reader entertained. The book is more for children in the teens and such and it will appeal to their idea of fantasy and magic.



by Christopher Reardon

Obstacles is about a man who is ready to face a number of challenges to save a little boy who is dying. For every boon or miracle granted, there is always a price to be exacted and in this case that is the life of the man for the life of the boy. Our hero is a doctor who is forced to face his own fears and conquer them as well as work with a team of people in some place not quite earth. the rules are quite simple. you play the game until you lose and when you do you are sent back to where you had started with no memory of the obstacles and life goes on. If however you end up winning, then you are completely erased from the face of the earth and all trace of you is removed. it will be as if you never existed. That is of course something very difficult to deal with or comprehend and the author had brilliantly brought out the feelings of the protagonist of this story. At various stages of these obstacles, loyalties are tested and we see that fear, greed and even love make people do things they would never have done outside this situation..

This is a well written book and there is an interesting message that we can get out of it. This story also show how much love can change a person and their sense of duty is a strong guiding force..